Sarah Lady!

Friday morning Megan and I woke up, hopped on the Metro, and headed to the airport once again. There we picked up Sarah who had just finished her first session of study abroad classes. We grabbed lunch at the airport and headed back to the hostel. Sarah, operating on close to no sleep, decided to try out the great Spanish tradition of the siesta, just as Megan and I had the day before. After about am hour we headed out on the street in search of adventure. First we went to the Prado Museum which is Madrid's art museum. We were able to get in for free because we were students, though the ticket woman seemed unhappy with the fact. Since we got in for free we decided to rent the audio guides. We probably spent two to three hours in the museum where we saw a number of famous pieces - Sarah recognized several - including one Sarah had received a poster of from her Aunt Carol several years earlier.

It's worth noting that Sarah and Megan's predictions that the Prado Museum was a museum of fashion ended up being incorrect.

After the museum we continued to walk around with Megan acting as tour guide. She was able to point out many sights and provide almost no description of them. After getting a bit turned around we made our way to the Plaza Sol where we saw a real Mariachi band and several real, truly creepy, old men dancing. One guy just danced with himself, you really have to see it to fully appreciate it. When I finally get around to posting photos I'll be sure to point him out specifically.

After several songs we went back to the Plaza Mayor where we had dinner. This lasted probably three hours. This is in part because we started with some tapas, then had a meal, and finished with dessert. But it's mostly because it takes an act of congress - or whatever the Spanish legislative body is called - to get a check around here.

After dinner we went home and went to sleep.