Ice Ice Baby

On Tuesday we had a bit of a late start because we didn't have anything to do before catching a train around 11:30. We caught a train on platform 9 at King's Cross station to Cambridge. We arrived an hour later - half an hour before the tour we wanted to take. Still a mile and a half outside of the city center, having not eaten yet, and too cheap to pay for a taxi, we decided that we just weren't going to make the tour. We walked into town and went to the visitor's center where we learned about, and signed up for, an architectural tour of Cambridge. Before the tour we had lunch at a subway. A few notes: - They have the spicy Italian now, which they didn't last time Megan was overseas. - They were out of ice in the drink machine. No, really lady, there's no ice no matter how long you try. Seriously Ma'am, there is no ice left in that machine. Just walk away. No! Don't go back. Looking away for thirty seconds does not cause ice to form. - Seriously lady's friend? We're you not paying any attention for the last five minutes. There is no ice. I promise. If there was, you would have so much in your cup right now that the temperature of all of England would have dropped 5 degrees celsius. - The meat in the spicy Italian is a thicker cut than back home. - Megan now informs me there was an "Out of Order" sticker on the ice maker. I mean, really lady?

After lunch we headed back to the visitor's center to start our tour. There we met Mary, our tour guide and a just retired Belgium couple. And with everyone there we set out on our tour. All four of us. Megan, the elderly tour guide, and a retired Belgium couple. I'm going to let that sink in...

... Because it was awesome. The couple was very nice and Mary was a great tour guide. Mary asked us all how much we knew about Cambridge and its history and luckily all of us knew about the same - read: nothing. So she even went through in a basic explanation about the relationship between the colleges and the university. She would also fill in gaps in our knowledge of British history.

The tour was fascinating. It's amazing to see how the architectural styles changed over time, and for what reasons. We saw the oldest building in Cambridge, a church, as well as the very first Wren completed. It's important to say "completed" because the first Wren designed was built over at "that other school."

While on the tour we saw where the electron was discovered, and where DNA was discovered, so that was pretty cool. We also saw a window that you'd better not shut unless you're willing to risk pissing off a ghost.

After the tour we walked around some more and ended up sitting down a The Bath House, a local pub. We had dinner there while waiting for the UK/Ukraine Euro Cup game. At 7:45 the game started and Megan got her first experience watching football with Europeans. All in all, it was a pretty slow match but England won helping to set up a Spain/France matchup for this weekend, which we'll be in Spain for.

After the match we headed home and eventually went to sleep pretty happy with our day-trip to Cambridge.