Saturday in Dublin

Guys? We should probably wake up. ... It's 1 o'clock.- Megan

So began our second day in Ireland.

*shower goes on* Oh my gosh! What? *water goes off* It's one of those pump ones! One of what? One of those pump ones! You press the button and it only stays on for a minute. Like the sink? Yeah. Well, this is going to be a short shower. -Megan talking to Cruz and me

So that's how our Saturday began. Once we all showered we were back on the streets of Dublin headed to the Guinness Storehouse. You cannot tour the actual brewery due to health and safety concerns so instead you tour the storehouse, which isn't actually a storehouse anymore.

The walk is a long one, and by the time we reached the building we were all starving, so after collecting our tickets we headed straight up to the Guinness cafe where we had beef stew. There was a live band there with a guitar, violin, and some sort of small hand drum. They were very good and even played a Mumford and Sons cover that I really enjoyed.

After lunch we headed downstairs to start our self-guided tour. It was, once again, pretty cliche as such tours go but overall enjoyable. Cruz at one point compared it to the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta. I think the Guinness tour could serve as a good example for coke. Whereas Coke's museum is relatively modest and unimpressive, the Guinness museum is an enormous monument to the drink and cultural phenomenon.

After the tour Megan and Cruz did some shopping at the gift shop while I did my best to remain on my feet - Because of the walking! We all declined our complimentary glass of beer at the end of the tour.

After the tour we made the long trek back to our side of town to find dinner. We found a pretty good place , whose name escapes me at the moment. There we all had a fairly small dinner so that we could get some dessert. It was hard not to after passing by the pastry display walking into the restaurant.

After dinner we wandered around the Gafton Street area, finally heading in to O'Neil's Pub to have a drink. O'Neil's was one of the pubs we had visited the day before on our literary pub crawl. We sat down in front of where a band was setting up. It ended up being the same band we saw at Guinness. They played, it was great, some random pub crawl showed up and danced. It was the authentic Irish music experience Megan was hoping for. Then we went back to the hostel and slept.

Hopefully someday I'll come back and do this day justice but the wifi at this hotel in London is unbelievably awful and before I get even angrier I'm just going to give up.