The Battle of Who Goes to the Bathroom First


Having just finished my second dinner I thought I'd take a minute to type up an update. To be clear, whenever this gets posted - and I have no idea when that'll be - isn't when this is being typed up. That'll hold for the rest of the trip too. Internet access will be intermittent and possibly non-existent for days at a time. Anyway... The trip has started off well. Megan and I arrived in Charlotte a few hours early for our flight and promptly began riding the moving walkways back and forth. Obviously we will be representing America well over the next two weeks. Eventually we sat down at our gate and waited for Cruz to arrive. When she did we took a note from Stilwell's book and had a small dinner at Chili's To Go. The food was eh, and the service was awful.

20120615-072144.jpg By the time we were able to pay our bill it was well past time to be at our gate. We walked down to the gate and boarded the plane. We ended up being one of the last ones on the plane, a fact I'm sure our parents will find reassuring. We managed to get seated and after -- TURBULENCE! -- Megan made 15 to 20 trips out of her seat to where her bag was stored...

"I need my medicine!" "Oh, right. I moved my medicine to the other zip-lock." "I need my neck pillow! Maybe I should just introduce myself to this guy I keep leaning over.

...We were on our way.

This plane is surprisingly tiny for a transatlantic trip. It's 6 seats across and doesn't have the individual screens I would have expected. It also makes some unusual noises for a plane but in more of an endearing way than a concerning way.

20120615-072243.jpg The plane dinner wasn't too bad. We all got the pasta which came with a salad, bread, and a brownie. Cruz began with the brownie, while Megan chose to save her bread for later. Both made fun of me for buying a drink. The lack of a piece of cheese was noted and mourned by all involved.

So that's pretty much the trip so far. This plane doesn't have the electrical outlet I was hoping for so this ride will be a race against my phone's battery as far as listening to music goes. I'm going to try and get some sleep while Megan and Cruz watch When Harry Met Sally.