But I Open My Eyes

I'm halfway done with my second year at UNC. Well, I at least think that's right. I've never been clear on how the whole summer thing fits into class standing. Am I a sophomore-and-a-half, heading into my junior year, or a full fledged junior? The whole "How many hours do you have?" thing doesn't work, in that case I'd have missed my entire sophomore year which woud have been a pity. Anyway, I'm nearly done with the second semester of my sophomore year, that much I know.

I'm beginning to become over-scheduled. Well, no. I'm beginning to become involved in things for next year. This is without a doubt a good thing. It is also a departure from my current lifestyle. I haven't really done much with my time here at UNC. I can't decide if I have wasted two years of prime doing-stuff time or if I am better off for having waited.

Either way, I'm excited about next year to the point that it's becoming increasingly hard to focus on what I have to do now (say, exams) as opposed to what I have coming up (advanced macro, london, europe, yackety yack, maybe some drama thing for kids, volunteering for relay for life, ...).