I am a cotton-headed ninny muggins

Screen Capture from "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" I was adamant, from the moment I saw the first promo till nearly a week after the episode aired, that I would never watch the stop-motion episode of Community. I love Community, I said, but this was just stupid. I didn't understand why a show that is so innovative, funny, and exciting to watch could resort to such kitsch. Quite honestly, I felt robbed. I always hate when shows go on hiatus over the Christmas holiday, and I felt as if Community had done so a week earlier than promised.

Well, thank God for exams. You'll likely never hear me say that again, but if it weren't for exams and the excessive boredom and need to do something other than study as often as possible I would have never sat down infront of my computer and begun "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas." I would have never watch what has to be the greatest Christmas themed show/movie since 2003's Elf - now a holiday staple for my family. It was both funny, and genuinely touching. It dared to be different in so many ways and was a complete success in every way. It allowed them to tell a story that couldn't have possibly worked as live action, and like many of the previous episodes of Community the show actually had a message to tell. Not to be overzealous - I waited nearly a week before writing this post so that I could calm down - but it was a remarkable episode of television.

So I guess I have to take a lesson from this and be a bit less quick to judgement. I won't bore you with my moralizing, I'll just suggest you go and watch the episode before it is taken down from Hulu.