The City of London

Evening Telegraph Last Friday, before heading off to Scotland I went on a tour of the City of London. I followed the free audio tour from Rick Steves' Europe which Luke had suggested a few weeks ago. The tour was fantastic, so good in fact that I plan on doing at least two more of them in my last few days here. I got to see Temple Chuch, the first clock to have a minute hand (If I remember correctly), I toured Dr. Johnson's house, saw the Monument (which I got to climb), and the tour ended by stepping out onto London Bridge. In a special shout-out to Cora, I even got to see the building that was used as Gringotts in the Harry Potter movies (which I haven't actually seen...). I would have gone inside but it's either is the Australian Embassy or it functions nearly like one, so they wouldn't let me in. I had lunch at the Cheshire Cheese and randomly ran into a friend outside St. Paul's Cathedral. All in all, a fantastic tour.

I took a ton of pictures, 87 of which have been posted online here. Enjoy!