Okay, here it is! The post everyone has been waiting for. I know you're all very excited so I won't delay any longer. The live account of my dinner at Taco Bell! (Side note: There's sort of a pun in the title of this blog, can you spot it?)

7:02 As I begin to type this my train is pulling away from Fenchurch Station in London. In just 30 short minutes I will be arriving at Lakeside shopping center, one of the largest in Europe. The goal for tonight: Dinner at the only Taco Bell in the UK.

This Taco Bell is actually brand new, having opening in June. From what I understand there used to be a lot more Taco Bells here but they all closed by the mid-nineties. KFC seems to have a decent foothold in the UK so I wouldn't be surprised to see Taco Bell make another run here seeing as the corporate infrastructure is already in place.

7:24 This next week promisies to be a busy one. It's my last week here so I'm planning to make the most of it which essentially means doing everything I wanted to do while here but have been putting off again and again.

This weekend I'll be off to Scotland for a day and a half. I have plans to see Edinburgh Castle, see another camera obscura, perhaps go on the Scotch Whisky Experience, and see Andy Zatlzman's show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I'll take a bus up late Friday night and then return Sunday morning. I'm pretty excited about the trip.

7:38 Successfully got off the train and now trying to type without running into people. This isn't easy... I'm walking over a highway right now. There's a big sign that I'm passing... Now! "Welcome to Lakeside" Oh, why thank you. I should probably figure out where I am going because I'm currently in a parking deck and I have no idea why.

7:48 The food court is on a floor of its own. It is huge.

Taco Bell Menu

7:55 The menus behind the counter are LCD screens. There's a screen that does nothing but list which orders are being prepared and which are ready. They ask you what meat you want in your taco. The drinks are very small. This has been an overwhelming experience. Now please excuse me while I eat.

Chicken Quesadilla, Soft Taco, Nachos and Cheese, and a Pepsi - Taco Bell

8:05 Thumbs down on the cheese. And the chips. The Pepsi isn't fantastic either.

8:10 Thumbs up on the taco. This isn't particularly filling though. I can't promise that the next update won't be coming from McDonald's.

8:36 Hahahahahahahahaha.

(I'm at McDonald's)

Cheese Burger, Coke, Strawberry McFlurry - McDonald's

8:49 This dance song just started playing and the two kids at the table next to me instantly hopped up and started dancing to it. And when I say dancing I mean hands in the air and swinging all around. Very funny. They're probably somewhere between 3 and 5 years old.

9:03 Back on the train. I saw some guys being thrown out of the train station for not having tickets. The food at Taco Bell wasn't that great which was disappointing. I'm glad I went though. It wasn't expensive and I got to see how different it is here compared to back home. Plus, I like riding trains.

9:37 Where am I?

[caption id="attachment_409" align="aligncenter" width="547" caption="I was looking for B but somehow found A. Hm."][/caption]

9:46 No worries! Fonud a tube stop. Not the stop I was looking for, but that's okay. Headed home now.