The Royal Observatory First of all, I promise a post is coming soon about the rest of last weekend. Saturday was spent in Oxford, Sunday was spent doing nothing.

But until I get the time to write that out you'll just have to move on with your life, as I have done with mine. Specifically, I headed out to Greenwich today.


After class I headed to the library to meet up with Seray and to do some reading while we waited to hear from Jean who was in London for the day. Once she got off the London Eye we headed out to Trafalgar Square to meet her and to catch a train to Greenwich. The train was awful. It was really hot and muggy and packed. Once we got off the train it felt much better, especially thanks to the light breeze. We walked (quickly) toward the Royal Observatory. We made it there about 20 minutes before they closed. It was fun, I stood across the Meridian Line, and the observatory has a fantastic view of London. I even got to go see a camera obscura, which was amazing. It was also amazing that it didn't take police force to get Seray out of there though.

The Royal Observatory

After we left we sat outside the observatory for awhile because 1) It was beautiful outside and the view was fantastic and 2) Our feet were collectively killing us. After hanging around for a bit we headed back out of the park in search for food. We had a pretty strict set of rules for picking a restaurant:

  • No "American" places -- After all, it was Jean's last day in the UK
  • No Thai -- Other Asian was apparently okay
  • No TexMex -- This should be obvious
  • No Sushi -- I don't have a witty or relevant comment about this one
  • No Subway -- It may have recently poisoned people

Steak and Ale Pie - The Spanish Galleon Tavern

So that's what we were operating with. We ended up at The Spanish Galleon Tavern where we all ordered very British meals and drank local beers. My meal was pretty good, I've had a lot of steak and ale pies recently. This one wasn't my favorite but it was still very good. We thought about seeing Inception, but apparently no one has told London about late-night showings. So we headed back into town, said our good-byes, and went home.

The rest of my Greenwich pictures are here.