Sweaty Eddie

One course down, one to go! Strawberry Nutri-Grain Bar and Iced Caramel Macchiato - 6th Floor Steps, Clement Building

I woke up early Friday to get some last-minute studying done for my noon exam. Overall, it went fairly well. It was tougher than the mid-term exam and required significantly more writing. I felt pressed for time through the whole exam, but I managed to finish with a couple minutes to spare and am feeling fairly confident about it. I walked out of the exam at 2 and that is the exact moment when Friday became the best day I've had in London thus far.

So after the exam I met up outside Clement House (where my exam was) with my friend Jean who was also in the class with me, though had the exam in a different room. She was interested in doing some sight-seeing and I had offered to tag along. As we walked toward the Library so she could check to see if other people had e-mailed her about joining us some guy began frantically yelling at her and ran at her. We're going to call him David, though I honestly have no idea if that's his actual name or if I'm confusing him with someone else.

Anyway, "David" came running at us and started saying a lot of things that I couldn't really follow because I'm pretty sure he never formed a complete sentence. It ends up he knows Jean from home and was supposed to meet up with someone who is doing the LSE program but he caught an early flight or train or something and was on campus an hour early. Rather than just finding somewhere to spend an hour and meeting his friend (girlfriend? I never figured it out) at the designated time he had to go search for her. So search we did!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="375" caption="Thanks to user steena on flickr for the photo."]Spiral of knowledge[/caption]

We snuck him into the library with him using my ID and I used Jean's.

(I know that doesn't make sense, why didn't I just use mine? Well it's because the whole process was made quite frantic by his constant freaking out so he was given my card to go in with Jean but then it ended up it would be best for me to go in so that's what happened.)

So we went downstairs and I logged him into the computer so he could check his email and try and G-Chat his friend. Unsuccessful.

So he wandered amongst the hundreds of computers downstairs because she said she'd probably be at a computer in the library. Unsuccessful.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Thanks to user John & Mel Kots' on flickr for this photo"]Big library[/caption]

So we cased the library, one floor at a time, searching for her. Unsuccessful.

So we went downstairs and logged into a machine again, and cased the bottom floor again. Unsuccessful.

At this point I had places to be so I basically deserted him and left. I hope he found her. I don't want the previous description to give you an idea that I was upset about this. Aside from making me a bit late to meet with Luke, I didn't really mind. It was kind of  fun to be on the hunt for someone. I felt bad for the guy, but he would have saved himself a lot of trouble by just wasting an hour on his own and then meeting up with the girl when and where they had planned.

Outside Temple Church

So, as I have already said, I next met up with Luke who I literally haven't seen since graduation. He had gotten in touch with me a few weeks ago when he saw on Facebook that I was in London. He was doing a program in Cambridge, so we made plans to meet up when he got back to London. Jean came with me which I was glad about because I would have hated to leave her after promising to hang out with her. The three of us wandered through Covent Garden and then we went to get some lunch at a pub Luke had been past during a tour.

(A quick note about that tour. He just downloaded free audio tours from Rick Steves' Europe. I don't know how I hadn't heard of this yet but rest assured they have been downloaded to my iPod and I will probably end up doing all of them.)

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

It ends up the pub Luke brought us to was Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, a pub Sarah and my mom can no doubt remember being dragged to back when we came to London as a family. The food was pretty good and I loved going back there. It's an amazing pub. If you want some food (for lunch at least) you have to head down a couple stories. The rooms look like they've just been carved out of the earth. There are no straight walls or staircases with a reasonable amount of headroom (You think I'm joking, it was hard for me to fit down the first staircase and I'm not even that tall). I have no doubt that I'll be back there again for a meal (and not only because I already know one of those tours will bring me there).

After lunch we headed off to the London Eye which was something Jean had wanted to do. I offered to go up in the Eye with her but we didn't end up doing it. She decided against it because the sky was fairly dark and cloudy. I hope it'll be nicer when she finally gets around to it this week. I feel kind of bad that we may have kept her from doing the sites she had planned on seeing but hopefully that wasn't the case. Regardless, we eventually headed off to Leicester Square where just the day before Luke had seen Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise at the premiere of Knight and Day. He said he had been watching the news when it mentioned that they were currently at the premiere at which point he ran out of the door and to the Square to see them. At this point Luke headed off to meet up with his dad and Jean and I began wandering around to find decent tickets for a musical.

We eventually just went straight to the theater, the London Palladium, where we were able to get fairly cheap tickets for the 6th row. I was a bit unsure about how the 6th row would be - if the stage was really high it could be awful - but Jean was ecstatic so I was optimistic. The seats were, as we found out after grabbing some coffee at Costa Coffee, fantastic. I wouldn't have changed my seat if I could, you could see everything onstage and it was all up close. I'll admit that I wasn't sure what to expect about seeing Sister Act the musical, but the show was amazing. The songs were great and it was all very funny. Definitely worth seeing if you ever have the chance.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Caught a bus like this, just imagine it at night with drunk hooligans on the top level of the bus."]Bus[/caption]

After the show we headed off to Old Street for pretty much no reason - mostly curiosity about what was out there. Bars, we found out, are what was out there. We walked to nowhere just talking about random things until we both realized that we were a) completely lost and b) very hungry. We eventually found a bus stop and hopped on a bus to a Tube stop. What we hadn't realized was that the Tubes had all closed for the night (It must have been around 1 am) so we got some pizza from a small shop down the street and after having a dinner on a sidewalk bench we figured out where Jean could catch a bus to head home and I walked home (I was about a 15 minute walk from home, so it wasn't worth taking a bus).

So that was Friday. When I got back to my room I fell asleep right away, which was good because I had to wake up at 8 the next morning but that'll be the topic of another post.

(You can listen to the Sister Act soundtrack here. I may or may not be listening to it currently.)