It was back to a regular schedule today. Campus was packed today as it was Graduation Day. Despite the fact that it meant it took me twice as long to walk anywhere I really liked it. There's something fun about seeing all of the graduates and their families taking 4000 pictures and enjoying the day. One of the biggest spots to get a picture on campus was the library. Clearly, this is something of a nerdy institution.

After class I headed down to Charing Cross Road and then Oxford Street in search of books and (possibly) jeans. I ended up spending more than I had planned on books so I nixed the jeans. Well, not until I finally found some that I liked and, just prior to going to try them on, found the £85 price tag.

I bought three books, Frank O'Hara's Meditations in an Emergency, and two Lonely Planet guides. The Lonley planet guides aren't exactly cheap but they seemed to be the best books available. They include a section of useful phrases in the native language, which was something I was looking for. I'm excited about learning some Dutch on the train tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow will be the first time I get out of London since coming over here. I'm headed to the Netherlands. My ferry will land at Hoek van Holland around 8am Saturday. I'll take a train from there to, most likely, Amsterdam. If I go to Amsterdam I'll only have a few hours there before I head off to Nijmegen (pronounced nye-may-gun, nye similar to bye). I think I'll end up going to Amsterdam, partly for the ability to say I've been there, and also just to get some pictures.

In Nijmegen I'll be attending the opening night of De Affaire, an annual music festival that takes place in at the same time as the annual Vierdaagse, an epic 4 day march. I'm disappointed that I won't be in town during the march, I'd love to see what it's all about, but I'm lucky that I will be there a couple days before because otherwise it would have been impossible to get a hotel room in the town. Nijmegen is the oldest town in the Netherlands, though that point is disputed by another town. So that's the plan for the weekend. Feel free to start a betting pool about how many times I'll get lost/miss a train. Over/Under is 7.