Tricky Bread

The National Gallery First let me apologize for once again falling behind on this site. This morning I took a midterm exam (40 percent of my final grade) so I've been a bit preoccupied. Overall I was happy with the exam. I was able to answer all of the questions and none of my responses required me to make up things and hope that they are right. The only thing I have to worry about is whether I'm just too stupid for this class! We'll find out Monday!

Fountain, Trafalgar Square

On Sunday I went to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. I'm not a huge art person but I really enjoyed the gallery. I spent a few hours walking through the maze gallery. It took me forever to find it (Who calls a floor "Floor -2?") But they had an exhibit on how the Gallery determines whether a painting is a forgery. It was really interesting. There's a ton of different techniques they can use though it basically came down to either "Hey! That kind of paint didn't exist back then!" Or "Wait a minute! The X-ray of this painting shows that these pigeons in the barn used to be a dying man! Something's fishy about this."

That evening plans fell through to go watch the world cup with some friends so I stayed back in my room and watched it online. At the same time I was (trying to) work on an essay for class. After the match I finished the essay. It took me longer to cut it down below the word limit than it did to write the original draft.

Risotto ai Funghi, White Wine - Strada

So that was my Sunday. I randomly found myself in Covent Garden on Monday and yesterday was spent preparing for today's exam. In Covent Garden there were a few street performers who were pretty entertaining. Currently I find myself at Strada, an Italian restaurant. I just had Risotto ai Funghi which was very good. I'm assuming that if the check doesn't come in another ten minutes I'm allowed to just leave. Of course, just as I finished typing that it shows up. The food here was good but they tricked me into buying bread. I ordered my meal and then the lady offered to bring me some bread so I said sure. Who knew that she was offering me £4 bread? Ugh.

Street Performer - Covent Garden

It's amazing how much longer this post seemed when I was sitting in the restaurant typing it on my phone.

University of London - School of Pharmacy

I'll redeem myself by adding a couple extra pictures. I went to a used book store today, which is how I ended up at Strada. On the way there I passed a Pharmacy School!

Replica outside the National Gallery

There were a few artists at work outside the National Gallery, it was neat to watch them work. More pictures are available, as always, online.