All I Wanted Was A Fork

I made it through my first real weekend here. It was pretty good, though fairly quiet. I gave up on going to a show over the weekend. In part so I could focus on a paper I had due this afternoon and in part because I just hadn't done research on what was where and when and for how much. I think in a couple weeks I'll go see War Horses and hopefully a few other shows. Friday I pretty much crashed. I came back to the room after class and took a nap and caught up on e-mail and other such things. I watched a bunch of Mad Men season 2 and just relaxed. It was nice not to be rushing off somewhere or having some work looming over me. I slept in Saturday morning and then did laundry. About halfway through the process I realized that 1) I hadn't bought detergent so I was just washing my clothes in water and that 2) one of the machines I was using never spun. So one load came out quite nicely (and smelling fresh, thank you very much) and the other was soaking wet even after two dry cycles. Since I had things I wanted to do that night I wasn't able to send it through the dryer again so every hard surface of my room was covered in my wet clothes. Ugh.

Anyway, after laying out various socks and shirts I headed off to Oxford Street where there's lots of shopping. It ranges from high end shops to places like the Gap. I was on a mission. For a fork.

I eventually found my way to Selfridges, a huge department store. It's like Macy's but with a Target in it. Oh, and a Best Buy. And a Replacements. And a food court. And two fancy restaurants. Long story short, I did not find a fork there. I mean, I found a fork and a spoon but they were part of a 300£ silverware set. A bit out of my price range. The trip was not for naught, though.

Fancy Razor - Selfridges

Just outside the drug-store section of the store they had a huge section of razors and other men's shaving things. Including what you see pictured above. It's a very fancy razor (sorry, I didn't check what the handle is made of) but it has the regular Gilette detachable blade part. I thought that was hysterical. You spend a fortune on this really nice razor but ultimately it's still using the same old $20 replaceable blades.

World Cup Cokes - Selfridges

When I walked through the grocery store section of Selfridges I saw these Coke bottles which I thought were neat. This is the Official World Cup bottle.

Dorset Rock Oysters and Selfridges Brut NV - Champagne and Oyster Bar

As I left the grocery store section I passed a Champagne and Oyster Bar. I had no idea such things even exist. So of course I stopped. And spent a small fortune to try it out. I think it was obvious to the guy working there that I had never eaten raw oysters before. He was helpful though, and the oysters were very good. I would love to have them again, I just can't afford to pay for them myself.

Oysters and Champagne, Part 2 - Champagne and Oyster Bar

With my belly full of oysters (proof that I finished the meal above) I set out again on my mission. Finding a fork.

I decided to just suck it up and go out to an Asda my dad had suggested. It's a bit out of the way but I just wanted a fork. I didn't care how far I had to walk to get one. So I got back on the tube and headed out to Canary Wharf. Once there I pulled out my trusty, internet-connected, brand new, never fails Blackberry and I pulled up a map of where I was. I entered the store's address, had it calculate directions from my exact location using GPS and set out toward the store. I managed to go about 5 blocks when my 3G internet dropped out. Great.

Bridge, Canary Wharf

So I kept going. I had a decent idea of where I was and where I needed to go. It didn't take long to realize that I had no idea where I was and that I was not going in the right direction. I was, as they say here in England, lost. So I did what I do best, and wandered aimlessly, pretending I knew what I was doing. At one point I tried to steal wifi from outside a McDonald's but that didn't work. Eventually I did find a big grocery/kitchen supplies store where I bought - you guessed it - a fork and a spoon!

Fork! and Spoon!

Mission Accomplished!

Eventually I found my way back to the Tube stop and made it back home.

So that was my Saturday!