London Notes

I survived the first week! A few notes. I'll do it Simmons style.

1. There is a LOT of reading for this class. I didn't fully realize this until today. Prior to class today I just thought I was a bit out of practice having taken a couple weeks off between summer school at UNC and my time here at LSE. Also, I naturally assumed that I was a bit lazier than most of the people here. I just figured that while it looked like a lot to me, it really wasn't.

While I am pretty confident that I'm lazier than a lot of people here, I can at least sleep well knowing that everyone else thinks that the reading level is insane. I spent awhile talking to a couple of my classmates today (One from Vanderbilt, another who is a member of parliament back home -- Which by the way, is awesome) and we three all agreed that there was a lot of reading. I was surprised to find that I was actually the only one of the three of us completely up on the rearding. This revelation probably explains why I picked up a pizza today and spent the afternoon watching Mad Men (season 2 - don't you dare comment a thing about that show if you have seen more than me).

2. My opinion isn't worth anything, but I've decided that I'm okay with the idea of Lebron going to Miami. I've read a lot about it today (I told you I'm lazy...) and there are a couple things I don't understand. First, everyone hates how he announced where he was signing. As cynical as I can be, I really believe that a large reason for the hour special was to raise money for charity. While the show was a bit odd, and perhaps a bit much, I respect him for taking America's infatuation with his free agency and doing some good with it. You can say that it wasn't about charity, that it was about his ego, but the fact remains that he wrote a pretty large check last night that's going to help a lot of people.

Additionally, I don't think he should have stayed with the Cavs. They have had forever to put a team around him and have completely failed every time. Also, why should he have to spend the next chunk of his career with a crazy owner who went out of his way to write his crazy-owner letter in Comic Sans? I'm serious, putting it in that typeface just shows the insanity of this guy. Who thinks about typeface when writing a letter to your millions of fans? No one, that's who. You think about the content of the letter. Also, his decision to drop the price of the Lebron fatheads to make a point is immature. Don't get mad at Lebron for leaving your crazy self.


3. I have NO idea how to use the oven here. I bought a frozen pizza last weekend in an attempt to save money and also eat something other than a sandwich. When I got back I went to start the oven and found that every number on the dials has been rubbed away. I tried playing with it for awhile. I managed to get some very light heat, and at one point created a lot of smoke (not sure how...) but never got it to frozen pizza cooking levels.

4. I have no idea where to buy a fork. I nearly bought an 8£ 12 piece silverware set at Sainsbury's today. This is really starting to bother me.

5. There is a beautiful Turkish girl in my class who smiles a lot whenever I talk to her. I'm pretty sure that's just because she thinks its funny that I can't understand half the things she says which is, for the record, more my fault than hers as I'm sure many of you can attest.

6. I had a Charcoal Minced Lamb Kebab sandwich for lunch today. It wasn't very good. I didn't care for the cabbage on it nor the sauce. On the other hand, the Bacon, Butter, and Brie sandwich I had the last two days for lunch is fantastic. I'm pretty sure it's brought me 10 years closer to my first heart attack though so maybe I should lay off on that one.

7. I still need to buy a fan.

8. It's nearly midnight, and I'm very tired. I have no intention of proofreading this post. If there are mistakes, I'm sorry. Feel free to comment and correct me.

9. Half of the reason for that last one was because I couldn't think of what else to write.

10. I hate when people come back from trips such as this one and act like they're somehow better than everyone else. That said, it is going to be disappointing to return to UNC. The level of discourse in the lectures and classes here is at a level so far beyond that at UNC that it really makes me wish I had gone somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, I love UNC and it is a great fit for me. Yet a large amount of the stuff I've learned thus far (both in and outside of class) has come from the other students here. It's nice to have class discussions where everyone is trying to figure stuff out rather than having discussions made up entirely of the teacher trying to get someone to speak up.

11. It's going to be a quiet weekend for me. I have a paper due Monday and my midterm is Wednesday. This whole 3 week class thing is really hard to get used to. Because of those two things I'm going to do mostly work this weekend. I'll get in at least one or two museums, but no show. I'm hoping to get to a show two weeks from now. Next weekend I'm off to the Netherlands!

12. By the end of this sentence I will have typed more words in this post than I am allowed to use in my essay. Why is it so easy here, yet it will be so hard tomorrow when I try to bang that thing out?