Getting to London

The trip here went fairly well. The flight landed about half an hour early, which would normally be nice. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check in until 2pm so I had to figure out how to waste time (while stuck with my luggage) from about 8 am to 2 pm. It was the longest 6 hours of my life.

First, the flight.

I wandered around the Charlotte airport, bought some magazines I still haven't finished, and made it back to my gate right as they were boarding. I got in line to board, and was promptly yelled at for not checking in at the gate yet. So I switched lines and it took forever. I made the plane though, so who really cares.

I sat next to Pete from Jersey who sat in the window seat in all of his Jersey wife beater glory. I found this particularly amusing having recently listened to an episode of Jordan, Jesse, Go! in which Jesse discussed how much he hates people who feel like they can wear pajamas and so forth on planes. I couldn't agree more.

The plane we were on had a screen in the back on each seat with a huge selection of movies. There were a number of them I've been meaning to see but I ended up never watching any of them. Instead I caught up on episodes of the BS Report, read my recently purchased issue of the New Yorker, and tried to sleep. Sadly, I didn't get any sleep.

Broken Luggage Wheel

Like I said, we landed about a half hour early. Then I stood in line for about an hour to go through customs. After customs I grabbed my bags. This is when I found out that a wheel on one of my bags had broken in half. So I would get to carry it for the rest of the day. Fantastic.

In the airport I spent about half an hour trying to call the building where I'm living to see if I could drop off luggage but no one answered. It's still unclear whether there just wasn't anyone at the desk or I was just didn't understand how to call them.


Side note:

The phone numbers here confuse me. There doesn't seem to be any format for them. Is the US we have (xxx) xxx-xxxx. That makes sense! Here I've seen

x xx xxxx xxxx, xxxx xxx xxxx, and xxxxx xxxxxx.



Anyway, after giving up on the phone calls I decided to grab the train to London so I bought my ticket and half an hour later I was in Victoria Station. I would have taken pictures, it's a cool station, but I was still lugging around all of my bags, and I was kind of tired. Did I mention I didn't get much sleep on the flight over? I eventually found somewhere to sit and wasted about an hour trying to get wifi. It never worked. After wandering around aimlessly (still carrying the bags) I found a Left Baggage where I was able to check my bags for the morning. It cost a small fortune but my legs/shoulders/arms appreciated it. I found a Starbucks and got a lunch. The rest of my time was spent on a bench in Victoria station looking at Pigeons.

Right around two I picked up my bags, grabbed a cab, and checked into my room. Not a whole lot of exciting stuff from that day, but now it has been properly blogged, over a week late.