Day By Day

George IV during Spain v Germany It's been a busy last few days. Classes started on Monday and I've been doing mostly work since then. I promise I'll post an update about my EXCITING journey here and other such things, but for now a quick update about life will have to suffice.

I love the course I'm taking. It's made up of a 3 hour lecture each morning (10 to 1) and a 1 hour class each afternoon (3 to 4). In addition there is a lot of reading. For instance, I spent about five hours in the library yesterday. I spent a lot less time reading today, which might explain why I haven't yet completed my reading for tomorrow. The professor is very interesting, and the teacher for my class seems to be good as well. I'm really enjoying the material, it can get a bit boring (today I had 40 pages on insurance, for instance) but for the most part I enjoy it.

I took a break from work this afternoon to join a friend at George IV to watch Spain v. Germany in the World Cup. I decided to cheer for Germany for mostly arbitrary reasons (Sorry, Sarah) and they promptly lost. So let's go Netherlands for the final! I learned today that there's a 3rd place match, so I'll have another chance to cheer for the Germans. Unless I randomly change allegiances. I make no promises.

In just the three short days I've had classes I've started to develop a daily ritual, which makes the workload seem much more managable. I get up around 8:30 each morning, take a shower and get ready. I head to class just before 9:30 which gives me time to stop by Starbucks and grab a coffee to help me through my 3 hour lecture. Afterwards I grab lunch and then head to the library to prepare for my afternoon class. If I have time I'll do a bit of the next day's reading, but most of that occurs back in the library following my afternoon class. I've found that I'm best off if I leave the last chapter/article for reading back in my room. I'll grab a dinner after leaving the library and finish the work back in the room. That's pretty much my day.

I'm starting to put together plans for the weekend. I'm hoping to see a show, though I'm not sure which one I'll see yet. I'm also planning on going to some museums on Saturday and Sunday. I've got a paper to write this weekend, and would like to see the World Cup final on Sunday so it should be a fairly busy weekend.

Now I'm off to sleep. Finally!