I've Made It (And Have Internet)!

I made it to London! I've been waiting to update this site until I had internet in my room because I a) Did not want to carry my nice laptop to a McDonald's four blocks from here for wifi, b) Have found Virgin Mobile's mobile internet to be less consistant than Italian trains (That's a joke, right?) and c) I was pretty tired over the weekend.

The lack of updates despite being here since Thursday means I have a lot of stuff I plan on going back and posting about. So please, forgive my lack of chronology with the posts this week. I'll let you know when things took place so you can print out copies and make a scrapbook with a proper timeline. Or you can just not care. You'll probably just do that.

So the good news is that I am alive and well in London. The bad news is that I have 125 pages of reading to do tomorrow.