Why I'm Donating to MaximumFun.org

I'm a bumper.

It happens more often than you might think. There I am, in some public location - a bus, campus, the gym, or my personal favorite: Taco Bell - when I begin laughing uncontrollably. I always am forced to pause my iPod (thank the Lord above for the iPod headphones with the little remote) in order to collect myself. I almost always get odd looks from whomever is nearby. It happens often enough that the employees at the Taco Bell in Durham have long since stopped looking over when I begin to laugh. After collecting myself I, hesitantly, press play again. Chances are I'll have to pause it again within a minute.

I've listened, in this awful start-stop way, to every single one of the 115 episodes of Stop Podcasting Yourself. My first episode was their 43rd. I was so hooked after that first episode that I went and downloaded numbers 1 through 42. I caught up so quickly that were I to tell you how long it took me, you would judge me. The point is, I love Stop Podcasting Yourself.

Since discovering Stop Podcasting Yourself I have found a number of other fantastic podcasts. Among these are Jordan, Jesse, Go!, and The Sound of Young America. I came across JJGo last summer and have been addicted ever since, and have begun listening to TSOYA recently and really enjoy it. I haven't gotten through the backlog of JJGo but I'm working on it. I can proudly tell you that I've listened to episodes 1-29 and 93-134. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't be so proud of that. Between SPY and JJGo I'm averaging nearly 3 hours of free, hilarious, and entertaining content a week.

Did I mention that it is free?

Because it is.

It's free.

I'd pay nearly 20 bucks to see that much content in a movie theater. And I'd probably be disappointed afterward. I mean I'd have that disgusting greasy popcorn butter on my hands, and I would have had too much Coke so that right as the movie reached its shocking climax I'd be running down the hall to find a bathroom that was either a) full or b) uncomfortably dirty. I'd run back down the hall and awkwardly cross over the laps of like 200 people just in time to see the credits roll. The point is, MaximumFun.org provides a pretty fantastic deal. I mean, did I mention that it's free content from a pair of professional comedians, a public radio host, and a guy who is making a living out of wearing ridiculous costumes on Fuel TV?

MaximumFun.org is the only place where you can tune in for serious conversations about the advantages of Boof Bonser over Shia Labeouf (parts 1, 2, and 3), owning a DeLorean, or something called Chompers (parts 1 and 2). No matter how busy my week, I always make time for these shows. They cheer me up when I am sad, they keep me going when I am stressed, and they're there to share in my happiness when things are going well.

It may sound stupid, but you really do feel a connection with the hosts after listening to them so long. I was heartbroken when listening to an old JJGo in which Jesse took a moment to talk about finding out that his dog was going to die. I've never met him, likely never will. Yet I was devastated to hear what he was going through. If it weren't for the 2,500 miles and the 3 years that have passed since that episode was first released I would have gone by his apartment just to give him a pat on the back and tell him it was going to be okay. In a world that often confuses the hell out of me, it's nice to have some consistency. The MaximumFun.org podcasts are that consistency for me.

So that is why I've chosen to get off my duff and contribute to the MaxFun Drive. I'm donating because the four gentlemen that make these shows have been producing fantastic content for years, with little to no reward. I'm donating because these shows have been everywhere with me - There is no better companion for a long drive. I'm donating because the shows are funny as hell and, in the case of TSOYA, interesting as hell. I'm donating because I think the idea of having my own "Maximum Fun card" sounds awesome.

As a poor college student I can't give much, so I won't. I'll give what I can and a couple years down the road, when I (hopefully, oh please, oh please) have a job and can afford to give more, I'll give more. Amazingly, even for my small donation, MaxFun feels the need to send me a DVD of  even more content.

So Jesse, Jordan, Dave, and Graham, thanks.

And please, keep up the good work.